Sodium-Reduced Dog Food: 2023’s Top 6 Picks

Is there too much salt in the dog food? Most veterinarian appointments will not include a discussion about low-sodium dog food unless your dog has a preexisting illness such as cardiovascular or renal disease. However, sodium has significant effects on your dog’s health, both positively and negatively, so it’s important to ask this question to avoid giving your dog an unhealthy amount of salt.

The good news first: dogs may benefit from salt since it is an electrolyte-rich natural mineral. Your dog’s blood pressure and blood volume may benefit from a healthy dose of salt. It aids in cardiovascular health, neurological processes, and muscular contractions.

However, dogs with specific health conditions shouldn’t consume too much salt. And if that’s the case, feeding your dog low-sodium food may be an important part of keeping him healthy. So, here is some information regarding the salt content of dog food, as well as some excellent suggestions for low-sodium alternatives.

Do Dogs Have Specific Sodium Requirements?

The National Research Council, the foremost authority on pet nutrition, recommends that a 33-pound dog have no more than 200 milligrams of salt each day. This is less than a quarter of a teaspoon of salt a day (1).

To make commercial dog diets more tasty and palatable to canines, salt is often added. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which establishes nutritional guidelines for pet foods, has established a minimum threshold for salt level in dog food of 0.3% but has not set a maximum. Consequently, some brands of dog food include far more salt than is necessary for a dog’s diet.

Reasons Why Low-Sodium Dog Food May Be Necessary?

If your dog develops certain health concerns, your vet may suggest switching to a low-sodium dog food. Feeding a low-sodium diet for dogs, as well as low-sodium dog treats on occasion, may help dogs with heart disease and renal illness.

Because of impaired heart or kidney function, excess sodium may accumulate in the bodies of dogs with cardiovascular or renal illness. The amount of salt that these dogs should eat (or not eat) depends on the progression of their sickness.

Lowering salt intake helps alleviate some of the symptoms of heart failure, such as coughing and difficulty breathing, by preventing fluid from collecting in the lungs. Foods low in salt may help kidneys by easing the pressure they’re under to filter blood. It also helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Pets in the early stages of cardiovascular or renal illness may usually be given dog food with maintenance levels of salt (less than 0.4% sodium content) without experiencing a worsening of their health. Always read the dog food label to see how much salt it contains. Contacting the manufacturer may be necessary to learn the salt content of a product, since this is not required by law to be included on the label.

There is some evidence that suggests a low-sodium diet, particularly one made with fresh, minimally-processed ingredients, might be beneficial for senior dogs. These diets are ideal for your elderly dog since they have less calories and salt while yet being packed with nutrients that your dog needs. When it comes to preventing heart murmurs, which are frequent in senior dogs, the ideal low-sodium dog food is one made from fresh ingredients.

Avoid severely limiting salt intake, since this might lead to hypertension, even in healthy dogs. Your dog’s health depends on having the right amount of salt, therefore before switching to a fresh food diet or a reduced sodium diet, it’s important to talk to your doctor about the transition.

Choices for Low-Sodium Dog Foods:

Our best picks for low-sodium dog food, based on health advantages, brand reputation, reviews, and overall quality, are included below in case your dog has a condition that might benefit from low-sodium dog food.

These Are Our Favorites:

The author makes all the decisions on which items to highlight. If you click the link and end up making a purchase, Great Pet Care may get a small affiliate compensation.

  1. Best Dry Low-Sodium Dog Food: Open Farm Harvest Chicken & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food
  2. Best Raw Low-Sodium Dog Food: ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food
  3. Best Tasting Low-Sodium Dog Food: ChiDog Water Diet
  4. Best Low-Carb, Low-Sodium Dog Food: Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm
  5. Best Human-Grade Low-Sodium Dog Food: Raised Right Beef Adult Dog Recipe
  6. Best Dehydrated Low-Sodium Dog Food: Honest Kitchen Beef Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food

Top 6 Best Low-Sodium Dog Foods:

Top 1 – Open Farm Harvest Chicken & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food :

Open Farm is an excellent company since all of their supplies are from animals grown in an ethical way and from superfoods. Because they only include the nutrients your dog needs, their recipes are great for dogs on low-sodium diets. Included in this recipe are millet, quinoa, sorghum, and chia seeds, all of which are high-protein, high-fiber ancient grains. Open Farm has a wide variety of low-sodium dog food formulae, including both dry and wet options, including freeze-dried raw and gently cooked recipes.

Open Farm Harvest Chicken & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food


  • Sodium content of 0.31 percent, on a dry matter basis
  • Crafted with only the finest ingredients and superfoods.
  • Chickens grown in a humane environment, purchased from local farmers.
  • It’s loaded with healthy whole grains,
  • Made without the use of any beans, potatoes, or peas
  • Available in a variety of forms, including canned food with reduced salt content
  • Very agreeable

TOP 2 – ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food:

Why ZIWI Is Superior: In our opinion, the foundation of a truly holistic pet food is the use of only the highest quality, naturally sourced components. Farmers and fishermen in New Zealand have a deep-seated cultural commitment to their position as kaitiaki, or guardians of the land and water. Ethical and environmentally responsible is not simply a goal, but how we live our daily lives. PeakPrey dishes are ideal for carnivores because they include high levels of protein and healthy fats without adding any excess carbs. Made with pride by dedicated Kiwis, we take great pride in developing recipes that provide both dogs and their owners a sense of contentment and satisfaction.

VENION RECIPE: Recipe incorporating free-range deer that was reared humanely on lush natural grasses in the secluded valleys of New Zealand’s South Island, which imparts a rich, moist flavor. Make a meal out of it or use as a garnish. Your dog or puppy will love every last morsel.

  • CONTAINS A LOT OF PROTEIN AND OTHER NUTRIENTS:  Featuring 96% free-range venison, organs, bone, and New Zealand green mussels, this novel protein diet has accurate whole-prey ratios. Ingredients are safely air-dried to provide optimal nutrition and flavor, even for the pickiest of dogs.
  • GLUTEN-FREE, LOW CARB: A limited-ingredient diet (L I D) diet is a high-quality dog food that has no added carbs and is great for dogs with food sensitivities NO low-quality fillers that have been related to obesity, food allergies, and other health problems, such as grain, potato, or peas.
  • BONUS 10% FROM SUPERFOODS: Holistic ingredients including New Zealand green mussels, organic kelp, and cold-washed green tripe help with digestion, skin and coat health, joint health, inflammation reduction, and heart and brain health.
  • The Perfect Side Dish or Main Course for Every Stage of Life: All dog breeds, from puppies to elderly citizens, may benefit from this, since it works equally well as a topper to add taste and nutrients or as a whole meal to ensure optimal health.
  • LONG-LASTING and RIGHT: All of ZIWI’s meats and seafoods come directly from New Zealand’s farms and seas, and they are guaranteed to be 100% free-range, grass-fed, and grass-finished. raised without the use of any antibiotics, hormones, or other artificial growth enhancers

TOP 3 – Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food:

Proper dog diet focuses on supporting healthy digestion. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Vegetable Entrée contains a grain-free recipe and easy-to-digest ingredients to promote healthy digestion and skin in your adult dog. The omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E in this recipe will help your adult dog’s skin and hair look healthy, while the natural fibers will make cleanup a breeze. This grain-free, all-natural wet dog food should be on your shortlist if you’re in the market for a grain-free option. The updated packaging of Science Diet has even more appealing features. We’ve updated the names and ingredients of several of our goods. Do not give to puppies or dogs who are expecting or nursing.

  • Delicious canned dog food designed to promote healthy digestion and coat.
  • Dog food that is low in fat and carbohydrates and high in natural fibers, which aids with bowel movement pickup.
  • Supports healthy skin and coat with omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Created with only organic materials
  • Proudly crafted in the USA using only the finest, most dependable ingredients sourced from across the world
  • Suggested by Veterinarians
  • All adult dogs, even those with stomach or skin sensitivities, are in the target audience.
  • Caution should be used if the dog is a puppy, is nursing, or is expecting. While a dog is expecting or nursing, she should eat Hill’s Science Diet Puppy food.

TOP 4 – Wag Dry Dog Food Salmon & Sweet Potato:

FRESH SALMON, CHICKEN MEAL, SWEET TUBS, PEAS, Dry yeast, chicken fat (mixed tocopherols for preservation), fish meal, ingredients: dried plain beet pulp, natural flavor, salmon oil, flaxseed, salt, dl-methionine, potassium chloride, choline chloride, taurine. YUCCA SCHIDIGERA EXTRACT, DRIED CHICORY ROOT, LACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM FERMENTATION PRODUCT, ENTEROCOCCUS FAECIUM FERMENTATION PRODUCT, LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS FERMENTATION PRODUCT, BACILLUS SUBTILIS FERMENTATION PRODUCT, BIFIDOBACTERIUM ANIMALIS FERMENTATION PRODUCT, DRIED Included are the following vitamins and minerals: Vitamin E Supplement, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Manganese Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Ascorbic Acid (Preservative), Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Sulf *Other items not specified in this recipe may have been used in the production of this meal. Possible contamination from environmental (air, water, soil) or dietary (food supply chain) sources is possible.

Avoiding dietary upsets may be greatly aided by a gradual transition. The transition from your dog’s current food to the new food should take 7-10 days (10-14 days for sensitive dogs). Reduce the amount of the previous day’s food you fed and increase the amount of Wag Food you fed. Make sure your pet always has access to clean water. Breed, age, exercise level, and surroundings all play a role in determining how much food your cat needs. If you have concerns about how much to feed your pet to prevent obesity, you should always check with your vet.

Here’s the skinny on this product:

  • Sustainably-raised Your dog will be at his energetic best thanks to the protein in the main component, salmon.
  • Produced at a California factory run by a family business
  • Dietary disturbances may be avoided with careful GRADUAL TRANSITIONING. If you need more clarification, go to the bag’s instructions or the list below.
  • Veterinarians and a pet nutritionist collaborated in the development of our recipes.
  • We stand by our wares and promise your complete satisfaction. Within a year of your purchase, we will give you a full refund if you are unhappy. 1-877-485-0385
  • We recommend this Wag Dry Dog Food to anybody who has fed their pet BLUE BUFFALO, NUTRO, MERRICK, or NATURAL BALANCE in the past and like it.

TOP 5 – The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters Grain Free Beef Dry Dog Food:

We think that the finest nourishment for dogs is found in complete, minimally processed meals fit for human consumption. These clusters, developed in collaboration with a veterinary nutritionist, are comprised entirely of human-grade ingredients including ranch-raised beef. MadeHonest uses ingredients that are safe for human consumption, is cold-pressed into bite-sized clusters, then is roasted and dried to preserve the food’s natural flavor and nutritional value. Unlike other dry dog feeds, our Grain Free Beef Whole Food Clusters are made with minimum processing and are 100% human-grade in flavor and nutrition for your pooch. * AAFCO Home Feeding Study Supports Hypothesis

Here’s the skinny on this product:

  • FIRST DRY DOG FOOD APPROVED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION: Most pet food is of the “feed grade” kind. Whole Food Clusters are the first ever dry food that is both human-grade and manufactured in a human-food facility, so you can feel good about feeding them to your family. That’s the same level of care and attention to detail you’d give your own home-cooked meals, just magnified.
  • CONVENIENT FOR BOTH DOGS AND PUPPS: Nutritional support for pregnant or lactating female dogs of all kinds and sizes, including big breed pups.
  • Each cluster is carefully crafted utilizing human-grade muscle meat and liver, low glycemic carbohydrates, healthy fats, and active probiotics, then cold-pressed into tasty, bite-size, ready-to-eat pieces.
  • Clusters are created with little processing by combining fresh ingredients in small quantities, cold pressing them into bite-sized clusters, and then slowly roasting and dehydrating them to preserve the food’s natural flavors and minerals.
  • There are no feed-grade foods, meat meals, fillers, genetically modified products, artificial flavors, or preservatives in this dish.

TOP 6 – Wild Earth Dog Food for Allergies:

Natural Dog Food by Wild Earth, 18 lb., for Dogs with Allergies (Pack of 1) Vegetarian, high-protein, plant-based kibble that is both vegan and veterinary-developed for whole canine nutrition.

Here’s the skinny on this product:

  • Our dog food is both complete and high in protein, with yeast serving as the primary protein source since it is healthier, more sustainably sourced, and has a higher concentration of protein relative to other ingredients. Ours is superior even than meat.
  • Highly Nutritious and Powerful Food Chickpeas, sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, oats, and more are among the ingredients. No additives or preservatives, and nutrient-dense for optimal health.
  • Most commercial dog meals are loaded with fillers and other unnecessary ingredients. The Wild Earth is not acceptable. There are no hidden meats or fillers here; just high-quality ingredients.
  • The health benefits of our kibble extend throughout the pet’s whole body. In addition to being loaded with protein, we’ve included prebiotics and fibre to aid digestion, healthy fats and oils to promote skin and coat health, and amino acids to support heart health.
  • Our food is certified to contain certain quantities of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which may help soothe your dog’s itchy, irritated skin and promote a healthy, glossy coat.
  • Each bag of Wild Earth is fortified with the essential nutrients DHA, Taurine, and L-Carnitine, which promote healthy brain and heart development.
  • Responsible and sustainable sourcing: by purchasing Wild Earth, you’ll be lessening the environmental toll of the pet food business. We can feed your pet with 95% less water and 96% less carbon dioxide than meat-based kibble.

Dog Food FAQs?

Question: Does salt harm dogs?

Answer: Sodium chloride (commonly known as salt) plays a crucial role in several metabolic processes. Unfortunately, the long-term health of dogs may be negatively affected by the high levels of salt included in many commercially prepared pet meals. It’s possible that adding a little bit of high-quality Himalayan salt to your dog’s home-cooked meals can improve their health. However, before adding any salt, it is best to consult your veterinarian to be sure you aren’t doing any harm. No extra salt should be added if you are providing a commercially produced dog food that meets all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

Question: Should canine diets include salt?

Answer: Including salt in a dog’s food is essential for the health of their muscles, heart, and nerves, as well as for maintaining a steady fluid balance in their bodies. While the amount of salt a dog requires is dependent on their general health and diagnosis. Talk to your vet about safe salt levels for your dog’s food if you’re concerned about his or her health.

Question: How much salt should a dog have in their diet?

Answer: If there are signs of heart disease or renal illness, cutting salt to less than 0.30 percent of dry matter is often advised. This is often available in the firm’s nutrition facts section online or by phoning the company directly.

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