Pet insurance how much – Update 2023

The average monthly cost for pet insurance that covers both accidents and diseases is $49 for dogs and $29 for cats, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.
When comparing estimates from major pet insurance providers, the typical monthly cost of pet insurance for dogs may vary from $23 to $90 and $9 to $37 for cats.

The average cost of pet insurance

Pet insurance may range from $9 to almost $90 per month, but most pet owners spend between $20 and $50 per month for adequate accident and sickness coverage.
Your pet’s species, breed, age, location, and the kind of coverage you choose all influence your pet insurance premiums.
Accident and sickness insurance for dogs is 69% more costly than for cats, reflecting the greater average cost of veterinary treatment for dogs. Also, because of the greater possibility of health difficulties in older and bigger dogs, insurance costs are often higher.

The average cost of pet insurance for dogs has climbed over the last five years, while rates for cats have varied. Rates have increased by up to 26% or fallen by up to 14% depending on the insurance type. Nonetheless, the cost of accident and sickness insurance for dogs has dropped by 3% in the last year.

Average pet insurance prices have risen over the last five years.

The typical cost of dog insurance

Among the leading pet insurance providers, the average monthly cost of dog insurance is $42.

Despite the fact that the pet, location, and insurance plan are all the same, there is a significant difference in insurance quotations of more than $65 across firms. If you live in an area with high medical costs or have a dog that is prone to injuries, your monthly premium will most likely be approximately $90 rather than $25. Similarly, boosting coverage, lowering the deductible, or raising the reimbursement amount will result in a higher premium.

CompanyMonthly rate
AKC/ PetPartners$23

Comprehensive and collision coverage are included in full coverage insurance and pay for repairs to your own automobile following an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Pet insurance costs vary by dog breed

The cost of monthly pet insurance premiums varies based on the breed of your dog. Mixed-breed dogs, sometimes known as mutts, have cheaper pet insurance prices than purebred dogs because they are less prone to serious hereditary disorders. Nevertheless, brachycephalic breeds, such as bulldogs, boxers, and pugs, have higher pet insurance premiums owing to the myriad health concerns that might develop from their flat features.

BreedMonthly rate
Mutt (mixed breed, up to 50 lbs)$30
Mutt (mixed breed, up to 100 lbs)$34
German Shepherd$34
Labrador Retriever$41
Golden Retriever$41

The typical cost of cat insurance

The average monthly cost of pet insurance for cats is $19, according to the leading pet insurance firms.

Although cats have cheaper pet insurance rates than dogs, the cost of insuring a cat may vary just as much as it does for dogs. For a four-year-old cat with medium risk, you may expect to spend $9 to $16 per month for pet insurance with one of the more affordable firms. If you have an older cat, a more disease-prone cat breed, or need more thorough healthcare coverage, expect to spend closer to $25 or $30 a month for cat insurance.

CompanyMonthly rate

Cat insurance costs vary depending on the breed of cat

The cost of insuring a cat, like that of a dog, varies according on breed. Mixed breed cats, especially the most prevalent Domestic Shorthair or DSH, usually have lower pet insurance prices.

BreedMonthly rate
Domestic Shorthair$17
Domestic Longhair$17
British Shorthair$25
Maine Coon$25

The average cost of veterinary care for pets

If you’re contemplating the worth of pet insurance, it’s essential to factor in the cost of veterinary bills without coverage. Minor treatments, like treating ear infections or upset stomachs, may cost less than a year of insurance. However, in case of multiple conditions or a severe medical issue, the expenses will usually surpass the total cost of a policy.

According to MetLife claims data, the average cost for the most common dog treatments is $254, while the average cost for the most common cat treatments is $267.

Even more common issues, such as treating parvo in puppies, can be exorbitant. The average claim for parvo treatment is over $1,100. Serious conditions such as cancer are rare, but their diagnosis and treatment can be significantly more expensive, with chemotherapy alone costing thousands of dollars.

Cost of common dog health problems

RankConditionCost of vet visit
1Ear infection$149
3Skin infection$175
4Upset stomach$385
6Bladder issues$617
7Eye infection$115

Paying for treatment out of pocket for the most common medical diseases in dogs and cats is usually less expensive than the annual cost of insurance.
Although pet insurance may not cover all of your pet’s medical expenses, it can help to lessen the financial strain of unexpected and expensive vet bills, such as treating a shattered leg or cancer.
In such cases, pet insurance may help to alleviate the financial burden of a costly surgery. It also enables you to choose the best treatment for your pet without having to worry about how to pay for emergency vet expenses, treatment, or continuing care.

The cost of frequent cat health issues

RankConditionCost of vet visit
1Urinary tract condition (UTI)$295
2Upset stomach$385
3Kidney failure$485
7Colon issues$203
8Ear infections$149
9Upper respiratory infections (URI)$219

Sources and methods

We obtained quotations from 11 prominent pet insurance providers for a four-year-old male dog and female cat, with coverage limits set at standard levels:

  • Deductible of $500
  • The yearly maximum is $5,000.
  • Reimbursement threshold of 80%

The ASPCA pet insurance provided the breed-specific rates, while MetLife internal claims data provided the procedure pricing. We used the North American Pet Health Insurance Association’s annual report for national statistics.

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