Fire Red Shrimps are easy to raise color shrimps

Fire Red shrimp is a type of beautiful freshwater shrimp. It is known for its bright red color and is favored by shrimp hobbyists for its beauty and low maintenance environment requirements. Fire Red shrimp are omnivorous and feed on plants and animals in their natural habitat and in aquariums, they can be fed a variety of food including pellets, boiled greens, and live food like bloodworms and artemia. Fire Red shrimp belong to the high-grade red shrimp line, which includes different grades from low to high such as (RC, SRC, Fire Red, Painted Fire Red, Blood Mary). When breeding high-grade shrimp, the breeding process will be easier because the proportion of offspring that will resemble their parents will be higher.

Fire Red Shrimps are easy to raise color shrimps

Fire Red Shrimp Aquarium Set-Up Parameters:

  • Temperature: 24-29°C PH: 5.5-7.5
  • TDS: 100-250
  • Shrimp water: processed water from a water softener, or RO water
  • Supplementary minerals: Nutrafin, GH+…
  • Suggested Substrate: Sula Sand, Onyx or Onyxsand, a mix of Sula Sand + Banibachi, Sula Sand + Baby Soil…
  • Food: Specialty shrimp food or fresh live food like boiled dandelion greens, boiled bok choy…

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