Coralife 16 Gallon LED BioCube Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

The Coralife BioCube is a stylish, cutting-edge aquarium that includes everything you might want or need in one convenient package, and its corners are rounded for your safety. The small, low-profile cover is illuminated by powerful LEDs, which can keep corals and plants alive and flourishing. Three separate light channels (bright white, glittering blue, and color enhancing LEDs) may be easily controlled with the built-in 24-hour timer for optimal aesthetic effect. You may simulate a day/night cycle in your aquarium with the help of an automated 30-minute sunrise/sunset and 60-minute moonrise/moonset feature.
Aquariums like the Coralife LED BioCube are ideal for beginners because of its built-in, adjustable filtration system and small footprint. The silent submersible pump, twin intakes, and movable return nozzle are also nice touches. Interoperable with all previously released BioCube add-ons. There is no package deal for the fish, corals, substrate, or decorations.

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED:

  • The ENTIRE THING:  Include a filtration chamber that is integrated into the rear of the aquarium and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.
  • Outstanding Qualities: The submersible pump is silent, has two inlets, and a movable return nozzle. Interoperable with all previously released BioCube add-ons. There is no package deal for the fish, corals, substrate, or decorations.
  • STYLISH AND CURRENT: Biocubes, with their rounded corners and cutting-edge features, are the complete aquarium solution.
  • INTENSE LED LIGHTING: The low-profile hood’s LED illumination is strong enough to keep corals and plants alive and even help them thrive.
  • EXPLOIT YOUR LOOK: The dazzling white, glittering blue, and color-enhancer LEDs may all be easily controlled by the 24-hour timer for optimum attractiveness.
  • MODE SUNRISE/SUNSET: In order to simulate a day/night cycle, an automated sunrise/sunset (lasting 30 minutes) and moonrise/moonset (lasting 60 minutes) feature has been included in.
  • TRUSTED: Those in the know about marine aquariums know that Coralife is the go-to name in equipment. We have marine salt mix, aquarium lights, and filtration supplies. This is where Coralife comes in, as they provide advanced aquarium systems with everything beyond the essentials.


New and upgraded LED BioCube kits have built-in lighting and programmable lighting cycles, elevating them to the status of fully featured aquariums.

Several Key Attributes and Advantages:

  1. Neighborhood’s LED lights are sleek and futuristic.
  2. Daytime use only, white LEDs will be very bright
  3. Brilliant blue The Moon Lights Up the Night
  4. Increased radiance thanks to color-optimized LEDs

With its three separate timers that may run for up to 24 hours, the integrated timer is very

LED Coralife Biocube Aquarium Details about the Item:

  • Is It No Longer Produced: No
  • Weight: 0.49 Ounces; 16.75 x 15 x 17.5 Inches
  • The serial number of this item is 100530106.
  • Released to the Public on August 8, 2016
  • Creator: Central Garden & Pet Co.
  • B06WP9Q6CZ is the ASIN number.
  • Place of Origin: China

Video review Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED:

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Does a heater come standard? Or is it something that has to be bought on its own?

Answer: A heating unit is not included.

Question: How much space is needed to reach the rear of the vehicle for servicing purposes? Is there a way to lean this against a wall?

Answer: Although it may be placed flush against a wall, I’ve positioned mine in a corner so that I can easily reach the chambers at the rear. For upkeep purposes, I may see inside with the aid of a flashlight. Both the second and third chambers at the rear are see-through for quality assurance.

Question: Exactly which heater should I use for this tank?

Answer: There is no safe heater to purchase; they will all break down. In seven days? After a month? As soon as next year? No matter what, it will not succeed. Either it will turn off, resulting in frozen fish, or it will turn on, resulting in boiled fish.
But before you hide your face in your aquarium, there is hope.
Buy a pair of space heaters. Have two 50-watt bulbs instead of one 100-watt bulb. If one fails, the other kicks into high gear to keep things from becoming too cold. If either fails, all that will happen is that your pool water will be warmer than normal. Even better, invest in three 30-watt warmers. 🙂

Question: Specifically, does it contain a protein skimmer? Is there anything comparable to a protein skimmer that I could use instead?

Answer: No, there isn’t a protein skimmer included. Skimmers, improved pumps, and other accessories for nano tanks are widely available because of the trend’s recent popularity. For aquariums of this kind, the little skimmer made by Tunze works well. I used to have a biocube but I can’t remember what model it was. In place of a skimmer, what other options are there? There were several changes of water. Not that I can see.

Question: Do I really need a heater if I stay in Miami? When maintaining a saltwater aquarium, what temperature should the water be?

Answer: No matter the weather, having a heater handy is always a good idea. As a result, it’s probable that air conditioning keeps Miami’s indoor temperatures down. Fish species determine the ideal water temperature, which is often between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn about the particular fish you want to maintain in your BioCube and their requirements.

Question: The text indicates that the colors are being enhanced. In other words, what does it suggest? Those red lights, do they work? either that, or it’s simply a variation on white and blue.

Answer: Each of the three lighting channels may be set to its own custom color and brightness. LEDs in three different colors (white, blue, and a color-boosting mix of red, green, and blue)

Question: Hey, I was hoping someone could tell me the pump’s flow rate.

Answer: It is 264 gallons per minute with the OEM pump. However, Sicce, Rio, and Tunze all provide pumps that are more reliable. When it comes to my biocubes, I usually upgrade to a pump with a little greater flow rate than the original OEM pump.


What filtration or pumping equipment does this system include?

Answer: A carbon filter, which can be removed and replaced, is included with the tank. There is a media rack with three shelves for chemical and biological filtration media beneath the tank’s filter. The tank comes with its own pump already installed.

Question: Can a UV bulb be powered in any way?

Answer: A UV Sterilizer Light may be turned on. In such case, you could find it at coralife. A simple adjustment may be made. However, running out of extra ham for a few hours a week can harm corals and cooepods. The ultraviolet sterilizer is usually only used when new fish are added to the aquarium. In my home, I solely use a UV steriliser. When I introduce a new fish to my tank, I put it in a quarantine tank first.


I noticed that the pump makes some noise; is there anything I can do to fix this?

Answer: In my experience, if your water level is low but over the minimum water line, the noise level will decrease once you add additional water.

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