Bucephalandra Black Angel

The Bucep Black Angel is a low-maintenance plant that is ideal for novice growers. The leaves are often longer and more rounded at the margins, and they have prominent midribs that run down the middle of each leaf. The colors may vary from a vibrant olive green to an olive drab that is so dark it is practically black. It is possible to grow it either submerged or immersed, although in either case, like with other Bucep Black Angel, its growth is exceedingly sluggish. Long rhizomes, which may be spread by cutting and affixing to driftwood and rocks using super glue gel or thread, are the source of the new leaves that appear on the plant.

Info Bucephalandra Black Angel:

  • Family Name: Araceae
  • Endemic To: Kudangan, Borneo
  • Leaves: Small to Medium 7-10 cm
  • pH: 5.5-7
  • TDS: 100-160
  • Care: Easy
  • Light: Low to Medium
  • Co2: Not necessary but recommended 
  • Propagation: Cut by rhizome
  • Growth rate: Slow
Bucephalandra Black Angel

The Bucephalandra plant is an epiphytic aquarium plant, which means it may adhere itself to the aquarium’s hardscape.
The Bucephalandra should not be planted in substrate, nor should the rhizome be covered. Because of this, it will begin to melt and decay.
It would be helpful if you could remove this plant from its container. Take away the rockwool that is around the roots, and secure the plant to the hardscape. Click this link for step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare “potted” aquarium plants.
The ultimate size, coloring, and pace of development of the Bucephalandra are all determined by the state of the aquarium. Photos are a depiction of what you will get, but the actual specimen may differ.
Changes that are too significant to the aquarium should be avoided. In the event that the settings remain unstable, the aquarium plant will eventually rot and melt.
Injection of CO2 will result in improved plant growth.
Please make sure you do the necessary research to guarantee the health of your plant.

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