3D fish tank model with curved front

Hygger Horizon is an aquarium and aquarium model with a curved glass front to create a unique look for the tank. The Hygger Horizon tank product set includes a full range of accessories such as lights, filters. You just need to put the tank in the right place inside your house and you can set up an aquarium or aquarium right away.

The Hygger Horizon aquarium set includes the following accessories:

  • The Hygger Aquarium Kit is a complete package that includes a 7W 110GPH internal power filter pump, a colored LED aquarium light, and an 8-gallon glass tank with a decorative 3D rockery mountain background. The 3D background provides an underwater dream world and serves as a great rest and play spot as well as a shelter for small fish. You can even plant some green grass on the rockery mountain.
  • The aquarium LED light is DC12V/18W, with extendable brackets that can be adjusted from 0 to 19 inches. The external digital controller allows you to set the lighting time to 3, 6, or 12 hours and adjust the light brightness from 100% to 10%, with 5 levels of brightness in total. You can also shift between White LEDS, Blue+white+red LEDS, and Red+ blue LEDS.
  • The aquarium power filter is 7W 110GPH and is suitable for 2-8 gallon tanks. It’s a super quiet and durable filter that can be used for low water levels. The upper part is a 2-stage filtration system, and the bottom part is a water pumping system that pumps water upward. Please note that this filter may be too strong for small fish that are less than 2 inches long and may suck them in. If you keep small fish in the tank, please don’t run the filter or don’t run it all the time.
  • The tank size is 19″ L x 11.8″ W x 9.6″ H, and it has a unique convex arc curve shape that widens your view of the aquarium and can hold more water. The total tank volume is 8 gallons, and it can hold 6 gallons of water due to the undetachable 3D background decor. When it holds full water, the whole tank weighs about 68 pounds.
  • The aquarium kit comes with multi-protection packing, with 3 layers of packing and a light lifting label. The innermost layer is super sturdy poly foam with excellent cushioning. The shipping test has been done by sending 3 packs to 3 different distance places, and the glass tanks are still in good condition upon receipt. So, don’t worry about the tank being broken during shipping. If you find the tank broken when you open the package, please take a photo and send it to the seller.

Hygger 8 Gallon Aquarium

The Hygger Aquarium Kit features a unique convex arc curve shape that provides a wider view of the aquarium and allows for more water capacity. It doesn’t require a stand as there is a cushion pad attached to the bottom, or you can purchase an additional rubber pad for added stability. The tank does not come with a cover, but this makes it easy to install an automatic fish feeder on the tank wall. The tank also includes an undetachable 3D rockery decor that serves as the background, adding to its visual appeal. The glass used in the aquarium is durable and ultra-transparent, ensuring optimal viewing.

Hygger Colored Aquarium Led Light

The aquarium light included in this kit is an energy-efficient 18W light that produces bright and vibrant lighting. It has an input of AC 100-240V 0.5A, 50/60Hz and an output of DC 12V 1.5A. The light is of high quality and built to last, with excellent waterproof properties that prevent any water from entering the light. It is also adjustable, with extendable mounting brackets, 5 levels of brightness, and 3 light LED color modes. The dimensions of the light are 17.5 inches in length, 3.2 inches in width, and 2.6 inches in height. Setting the lighting time is easy with options for 3H, 6H, or 12H.

Hygger Low Water Power Filter Pump

The included 7W 110GPH internal power filter in this kit is both ultra-quiet and energy-saving, with a US plug that operates at 110-120V/60Hz. It can be used for low water filtration and supports both vertical and horizontal installation. The filter is easy to install and use, with adjustable water flow and 2 rain shower tubes. The two-stage filtration system provides crystal clear water for your aquarium. The filter itself is compact, with dimensions of 6.8 inches in height, 2.4 inches in length, and 1.6 inches in width.

Hygger 3D Rockery Mountain Decor

The rockery decor included in this kit is made of non-toxic resin material, making it lightweight and 100% imitative of a real rockery. Each piece is handmade with great attention to detail. The decor is firmly fixed to the background of the tank and is not removable. With its realistic appearance, it creates a mysterious and beautiful underwater world for your aquarium, eliminating the need to purchase other decorations. The rockery decor also provides a great shelter, resting place, and play area for your fish, small turtles, or shrimps. To clean the decor, we recommend using a strong water strip to hose the surface and a brush to clean the bottom.

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